A laboratory for research and action

The morning boat is an international artist residency on the island of Jersey that aims to generate a reflective and meaningful discourse on critical issues and real life practices that are central to the island’s economy, social fabric and way of life. Activities focus on local industries that are often referred to as the foundations of the island economy – Agriculture, finance and tourism – and their impact on people’s lives.

Artists will be invited to Jersey whose work is thought provoking, unforgettable, accessible to its audience and sensitive to the context in which it is presented. Projects will be developed specifically for the island of Jersey, responding to its unique character and narrative. Work will take place in public spaces and every-day working environments, in collaboration with the local community.

The 1st boat

Agriculture and Aquaculture

Working together with farmers, fishermen, seasonal workers, politicians, chefs, retailers and consumers, artists are asked to investigate and respond to the locally grown, caught, gathered and reared food chain. They will explore the past, present and future implications of agricultural practices in Jersey, while interacting with and responding to existing infrastructures, social and economic conditions and the products themselves.

Farming may no longer be the largest economic sector of the island economy, but it is the oldest. Farming and fishing have been an integral part of island life for hundreds of years, repeatedly reinventing themselves in response to market changes or political upheaval; from cider and sheep farming, to potatoes and dairy, oysters and lobsters.

The morning boat hopes to bring the community together to engage with the lives of individuals involved in local production and the complex interconnected issues that affect, or are affected by, their work.

The launch

Producers, funding partners and sponsors

We welcome an initiative that aims to generate debate on farming and fishing practices in Jersey, connecting the general public with the countryside, marine environment and rural economy. We look forward to further engaging with the project by supporting and collaborating with visiting artists as they conduct research and develop their work in Jersey.

Department of Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture Daniel Houseago

The Genuine Jersey Products Association exists to facilitate the success of local producers of goods that are made, grown, caught and reared in the island and we feel this project will help both visitors and residents think about local producers and products in a creative way.

Genuine Jersey John Garton

The Farm School Initiative is very much a community project and, because of this, we fully support the concept of ‘the morning boat’. New ways of talking about the agricultural industry in Jersey is exactly what we are about! We really look forward to seeing what your project has in store for us and the rest of the island.

The Farm School Initiative Grace Davies

I think this initiative could certainly help with our aim of re-connecting people with farming and at the same time stimulating debate on current affairs within the industry.

Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society James Godfrey

Jersey Heritage is fully supportive of any project that uses the arts and heritage environment to inspire collaboration and mutual understanding. ... With the unique potential that this represents to inspire new ideas and ventures, we hope that other organisations supporting the arts, community and business sectors will come together to launch The Morning Boat.

Jersey Heritage Jeremy Swetenham

The morning boat aims to be an arts residency that takes place in the heart of the local community, from the research that is undertaken, through to the public presentation of the work.

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