On the 25th of April the Futurefarmers visited the Liberation Brewery in Jersey, to discuss local brewing practices and initiate the creation of a special limited edition ale, using grain carried on board the RS10 Christiania from Belgium.

The result was Liberation Brune, an ale with a story and a promise.

Liberation Brune, a 1st Draft batch of ale

Liberation Brune, crafted by Patrick Dean, was made using malted Barley from Belgium and a single grain of Svedjerug (Finnish Rye), grown by Andreas Capjon at Losaeter, in Oslo, Norway.

Svedjerug had been out of production for almost 100 years when, in 1973, historian Per Martin Tvengsberg visited Hamar, Norway to search for these grains in an old riihi (sauna and barn) that was once used by the Forest Finns to dry their grain. Per Martin searched every corner of the riihi, but found nothing. So he asked for permission to take apart the dropped ceiling and it was here that he found nine small, dark grains of rye between two boards. He convinced the local church to plant these seeds in their herb garden where seven of the nine grains sprouted. After they had built a stock of seed, farmers took the grain and started to cultivate the crop once more.

Svedjerug is one of a selection of heritage grains carried by the Futurefarmers on the Seed Journey that have been resurrected and reintroduced to rural economies, grains that are often healthier, more adaptable and free from trademarks.

The addition of Svedjerug to Liberation Brune germinated the pact that was made with Liberation brewer Patrick Dean, a promise that commits the brewery to producing a home grown ale in 2018, using locally grown and organically farmed barley, wild hops and honey from rogue beekeepers.

We hope that this special edition ale and the story that has been planted within it reignites traditions and practices that were once widespread, in manors and homesteads across the island, as brewers barley, wheat and rye will once again be grown in Jersey, to be malted and used by local brewing enthusiasts.

The pact

1. The Liberation Brewery commit to producing a beer in 2018 using locally grown barley, wild hops and honey from rogue beekeepers of the same ilk as Nick Faulkner.
2. Grains are to be grown in partnership with John Hamon or Caryl Kemp of Hamptonne, or within the framework of a Clos de Pauvre demonstration field.
3. The naming of the brew will evolve with the process that creates it being taken into consideration, in agreement with all parties assigned to this pact.

Looking ahead

Over the coming year we look forward to crafting the first locally grown and malted ale in up to 500 years, as plans are made to plant brewers barley at Hamptonne Country Museum and the heritage fields of the Le Maistre brothers in Trinity, which will then be malted by Patrick Dean of the Liberation Brewery. A series of community events will accompany this exciting journey, to prepare the land, sow, harvest, thresh and malt the grain, collect wild hops, etc. The process will culminate in a Beer and Bean Crock Festival, premiering the new ale and showcasing the work of local amateur brewing enthusiasts.

Beer label


A 1st Draft special edition ale

Futurefarmers / Seed Journey

A special brew and a pact is made with Liberation brewer Patrick Dean, germinated by a single grain of Svedjerug Finnish Rye.