A prize for the best migrant workers’ employer in the agricultural sector on Jersey is created in collaboration with the workers. The strategy and criteria for the prize will be developed through a series of discussions with the primarily Polish manual labourers exploring their labour conditions, experiences and expectations. During each session the workers will make clay potatoes relying on their tactile memory. Jersey Royals are Jersey’s biggest produce export, accounting for around 70% of agricultural turnover and every potato industry worker in Jersey handles tonnes of potatoes every season; planting, harvesting, sorting and packing. The clay potatoes and the workers’ stories will be presented and distributed to the public using custom made honesty boxes and a video will be produced showing the process. One of the clay models made during the discussions voted as the ideal potato will be cast in bronze and incorporated into the trophy given as the prize to the best employer.

The Agri-care prize for the best employer in the agricultural sector was initiated by Alicja Rogalska during a one month residency with The morning boat.

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As chosen by the workers

The ultimate prize for those employing migrant workers in Jersey.