In April 2017 the Futurefarmers brought the Seed Journey to Jersey, while transporting a selection of rare and historic grains from Oslo to Istanbul. On board were five artists and farmers, a sailor and two captains. During their stay in Jersey the artists engaged with the local community and a range of bakers, farmers, pigeon fanciers, radio enthusiasts, historians, entrepreneurs and brewers, to conduct research into the role grains have played in shaping our society and the notion of the commons within agricultural practices. What might be gained from reintroducing organically farmed heritage grains to our fields? How can we move towards a more resilient, diverse and sustainable local food chain? Where are the openings for co-operative action, solidarity and open source farming? This initial visit acted as the catalyst for a host of future initiatives, including an attempt to create the first home grown and malted ale in up to 500 years.

A future field of brewing barley

In December 2017 and March 2018 two experimental organic fields of heritage brewing Barley will be sown at Hamptonne Country Museum and at the Le Maistre heritage farm in Trinity, while the Futurefarmers return to work with local artists, project partners, school children, farmers, community groups and those living near the field, developing a choreographed sowing ceremony and a week of live events and activities that function as living scarecrows, protecting the precious grain until it germinates.

In 2018 the Barley will be harvested and threshed, analysed and malted. Wild hops will be collected and dried and the straw from the crop will be used for straw crafts, animal bedding and thatching demonstrations. Amateur brewers and the Liberation Brewery will then experiment with using the barley to create the first home grown and malted beer in up to 500 years, presented during a Beer & Bean Crock community festival at Hamptonne.

We would like to thank the scientists and farmers who have supported this endeavour, including the Soil Association, the Organic Research Centre, New Heritage Barley, Bread Matters, Hodmedods, the Seed Cooperative, Harper Adams, the John Innes Centre, IBERS (Institute of Biological and Rural Sciences at the University of Wales Aberystwyth) and Sprowt Labs.

The Home Grown brewers barley field is a collaboration between the Futurefarmers, The morning boat, Jersey Heritage, the National Trust, Liberation Group and ArtHouse Jersey.

The brewers pact and the Seed Journey




Home grown

A journey to create the first locally grown and malted ale in up to 500 years.

Two experimental fields of heritage brewing Barley are sown at Hamptonne Country Museum and at the Le Maistre heritage farm in Trinity.

Artists Futurefarmers
Project partners The morning boat, Jersey Heritage, Liberation Group, Genuine Jersey, One Foundation