Project summary

The Seed Journey is a project by the artist collective Futurefarmers, who are sailing the RS-10 Christiania from Oslo to Istanbul, while conducting research into the role grains have played in shaping our society and the notion of the commons in relation to agricultural practices. The sailing ship functions as a library of rare grains and seeds that are collected and shared throughout the journey, an exchange of knowledge between bakers, farmers, scientists, historians, brewers and communities, a radio station, a workshop, a school, a laboratory and a bakery. In Jersey there is evidence of grain use and cultivation from Neolithic sites, later within local architecture as thatch and of course in baking, milling and brewing traditions.

From the 23rd of April 2017 the Seed Journey dropped anchor in Jersey for 7 days, taking part in community events, engaging with local experts, meeting students and children, broadcasting radio material and initiating a range of long-term projects. The crew consisted of 5 artists, two captains, a cook and another sailor. Towards the end of the year two artists will return to the island, to continue their research and develop a live community event.

Together we enjoyed a bread and butter welcoming event in the St Helier Marina and Samares Manor, a presentation of the Seed Journey at Quetivel Mill, a special edition beer brewed by the Liberation Brewery, piFm broadcasting and participation in the Jersey Boat Show, with fresh flatbreads and tours of the boat. Three schools visited the boat to learn about the Seed Journey, while research was conducted with a range of local partners, including farmers, fisherman, radio enthusiasts, pigeon fanciers and beekeepers.

Photo credits: Monica Lovdahl/Futurefarmers





The Seed Journey

The Futurefarmers bring the seed journey to Jersey

A research visit exploring the role of grain in shaping our society and the notion of the commons in relation to agricultural practices.

Artists Futurefarmers
Dates 23rd April to 30th April 2017